How To View/ Save Someone’s Instagram Profile Picture In Full Size (Best Guide)

Instagram is your sphere of beautiful photographs and movies, and the social media must guard the uploaded media documents. Instagram does not permit users to get video, photographs and profile pictures inside their cellular program, and we can't preview profile pictures onto Instagram utilizing our official program.

No third party program installation is essential for this procedure. Third-party software programs are a terrific idea if you would like to download videos and photos connected with articles.
I didn't know why Instagram does not permit consumers to preview the profile picture of a different user but and  the screen image of this icon size wasn't look clear some moment; therefore I believe that lots of users need this feature.

Today, I'm going to show you a quick and easy tutorial about the best way best to download somebody's Instagram profile picture without any third party tool and with instagram profile picture viewer tool and for without using tool you can see instagram profile picture of any user by merely copying and pasting URL on the internet browser. Yes, this job may be carried out quickly having a third party tool; however, I enjoy the manual way of downloading and previewing profile pictures.

Follow this step by step process given below (Relevant to both Desktop and Mobile):

Step 1: Visit some Instagram profile from the cell program or desktop.

Step 2: click on the three-dot menu and then choose 'Duplicate Profile URL. On the desktop, copy the address bar URL.

Step 3: Open a web browser program (e.g., Chrome) and then paste the URL into the address bar.

Step 4: Visit URL, and you'll be on Instagram consumer's profile site.

Step 5: drag or haul on the profile picture and then choose 'Open Picture in a New Tab.

Step 6: Right-click or grip within the picture from Chrome and choose 'Download Image' to put it on your device.

Now, if you want to download instagram profile picture at full size, then you must visit the instaDp tool and enter the username of instagram user and then hit the submit button to see instagram profile picture of any user at full size online.